Encaustic Paintings & Mixed Media

Encaustic paintings are a combination of encaustic medium (bee's wax and damar resin) and oil paint pigment. Encaustic mixed media employs other mediums in the art process. For example, oil paint, gouache, watercolors, and found objects may be used with encaustic medium. Because encaustic medium is used there is always heat to fuse wax onto different layers.

Encaustic Monoprints

Encaustic monoprints are one-off prints made on a hot plate by drawing with wax that is melted. Marks are made with silicon brushes or other items. Paper is placed over the wax drawing and then burnished. Each monoprint is unique and an original piece of art.

Encaustic + Photography

My photographs are on acid-free paper on a giclee printer with archival inks. They are affixed to cradle boards with PVA glue. Once dry, they are coated with an encaustic medium. Image transfers, found objects or other interesting items may be added.

Encaustic Paintings that glow or light up

I have always been fascinated with the idea of lights embedded in encaustic. I add LED lights to encaustic paintings and integrate the button into the painting. Those paintings are battery-powered. I also have developed a process of adding glow powder to encaustic medium to make areas of my paintings glow in the dark. Additionally, I have added neon gauche paintings under wax, that when exposed to UV light glow in the dark.

Beginner's Mind

I learned about the principle of beginner's mind while practicing Buddhist meditation. It's the principle of being in the moment without expecting what is coming. The art leads me instead of the other way around. I practice this by using mediums I have not used before. With a beginner's mind, nothing is assumed and everything is fresh! A beginner's mind breaks up creative blocks and allows space to be creative without self-judgment or expectations. The paintings in this collection are examples of that process.