I am a mixed-media encaustic artist with a background in photography, graphic and web design. I have used encaustic wax as my primary medium since 2011, learning techniques and processes through the Art Students League of Denver (ASLD). I have exhibited in Denver, at ASLD’s, Summer Art Market, and the former Reed Photo Art Gallery, located in the Santa Fe Art District. In 2023, I exhibited at D’art (Member and Friend Show with Emily Oldak), Gallery 910, and the Broomfield Art Guild Member Shows. 

Encaustic wax is flexible and allows for integration of other art mediums. On my website, you see the different uses of various art mediums: watercolor, gauche, oil pigment sticks, found objects, handmade paper, and photography. Working in encaustic is an intuitive process and often the art takes over. Many of my pieces have a watery look with lots of blues. I am drawn to integrating LED lights and glow powder into some of my pieces, creating daytime and nighttime art. 

My approach to the creative process is to have a beginner’s mind through experimentation and a certain sense of abandonment of any particular outcome. It pacifies my inner critic and allows me to take risks.