Artist Statement

Leap and the net will appear!

I am a visual artist and graphic designer living and working in metropolitan Denver, Colorado. After 30 years of graphic design, I decided that I needed to create fine art again.

In my life before children (BC), I drew every day. My medium was mixed media; mostly rapidograph, colored pencil and photography. One child keeps you very busy, two children created a whirlwind where I could not find the time to draw. It was always in the back of my mind, that I would find a way to get back to it. Time passed and I found myself staring into the mirror at a much older person. The funny thing about dreams, is that they never go away.

I joined the Art Students League of Denver in 2011 and started taking classes. Encaustic painting classes offered me the opportunity to take  mixed media to a different place. My paintings are vibrant and playful. Photographs, drawings, encaustic, found objects and pastel paintings converge, which makes for an interesting piece of textural art.

All of the art on this website is © Melanie K. Fischer, 2024